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Puppies and surgery and home repairs, oh my!

February is almost here and so much is happening! It’s been a whirlwind of activity and so far, all good in my life. Except for the whole election and narcissistic dictator posing as president but I’m not going to touch that right now. So here’s what’s been going on in 2017 for me.

The puppies!

After all the amazing work Alive Rescue did to save Barbara, Joey and I wanted to give back. They had an emergency foster situation for three 7 week old puppies and their mom Cookie. With only a few hours notice, we went from a house of 3 dogs to a house of 7 plus the cat late on a Sunday night.

Mama Cookie ❤️

Cashew, Chicklet, Caramel, and Cookie have been hanging out with us for a few weeks and it’s been puppy chaos! The puppies were weaned and Cookie went over to an amazing foster last Friday. The pups went to an adoption event Saturday and they can be found here for information and applications. They are sweet girls with spunk and love and puppy kisses. I love being able to give them a safe and warm home as they wait for their furever families.


I have talked about it on my instagram but haven’t brought it up here yet so here goes! I am getting my Lapband removed and getting Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy aka the sleeve. 

I have been having Lapband complications for about a year and a half and kept hoping that it would get better with adjustments. After throwing up most of my meals and only being able to eat things that could digest fast and easy aka junk food, I finally realized I needed to change. Combine the band failing with a terrible boss who was a phony, idiot, and useful as shoes on a fish and the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 was rough. Health is my priority and after my girls trip in October where I couldn’t stop throwing up, I made my doctor’s appointment. After a pretty negative UIC experience where I did not feel confident about their level of care, I made an appointment with Suburban Surgical Care Center on the recommendation of a friend, Catherine. I met with Dr. Guske on December 5th and started the process. Thanks to BlueCross Blue Shied and my work having a great bariatric policy, I was approved to have my revision to the sleeve. My surgery is scheduled for February 22nd and I am SO excited. To continue on my journey of health and happiness and getting to my goal weight is so exciting and thrilling. Am I nervous? Heck yes. The excitement and the motivation I have to get healthy, gain muscle, fuel my body with good things and treat it with love and kindness is overpowering any nervousness I have.

Home Repairs

We are doing a ton of work on the house in the next year and are getting started now. New windows are being quoted out and getting done asap. We got a new roof last year and gutters so our window casings will match the same ivory. We are getting a new garage, doing the landscaping, and redoing part of the kitchen. It’s a lot of work and I really look forward to updating the house while still keeping the vintage charm. It’s also really fun to drive around and get coffee or snuggle on the sofa with Joey and talk and plan and hang out. Having a partner like him, to dream with and build our dreams, to laugh and disagree, to become a better communicator with, to fall asleep with at night, it’s something I am thankful for everyday. It’s going to be awesome to document the before and after of all the improvements! Can’t wait to show you!

It’s going to be a busy next two months and I look forward to documenting, adding some video blogs in, and sharing my journey.

What’s going on in your 2017? What are you looking forward to?

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Introducing the one and only Babs!

Back in March I came across these photos.
Heartbreaking. I was on the Animal Rescue Corp Facebook page and they were doing a puppy mill rescue of 81 dogs and 2 cats. I looked at the photos and this little girl’s eyes captured my heart. Her scared expression, her soulful eyes, the sweetness that radiated through her, I fell in love. She reminded me so much of Bella and so I contacted ARC. They were placing the dogs in different rescues all over the state and didn’t know where she would end up, so it seemed a bit hopeless. Anyway, I didn’t really need another dog, I just wanted her.

A few weeks later I saw they posted this video showing 6 little dogs going on the grass and there she was! Named Barbara, she was a little sweet angel, so cute and wiggly and precious. Alive Rescue had tons of pictures (see above) and I couldn’t imagine not having Barbara in our home. I immediately filled out an application and started wondering if I was crazy for wanting to add a third dog. After Alex nicknamed her Babs, I couldn’t not have her. Once you name them…

A week or so later I received an email and then had a phone call with Sarah from Alive who was amazing. We talked and made plans for a home visit. Everything was lining up and plans were made.

Well everyone knows what happens when you make plans and sure enough, it would be a long journey to get Babs. Turns out little Barbara was pregnant! After a scary delivery and long road to recovery, she lost 3 of her pups and little Darby survived. While mama and pup were growing and recovering there was another emergency and Babs was sick again. She got really sick, couldn’t eat or drink. After a scary few days and an endoscopy later, they found a small piece of plastic and it was removed.

Trying to get the home visit finally scheduled took a while but we got to meet Babs and Darby, who we were told needed to be adopted together. 4 dogs?? Oh boy. We met them and Babs was super adorable and Darby was a pistol!! Tiny as my hand but so feisty. We decided we would take both but they ended up not being as bonded as the rescue thought and we found out Babs was ours!!

The lovely K from Naturally Balanced K came with me since the time changed and Joey couldn’t come. She was awesome and helped make sure everything went smooth as we had to the adoption outside the shelter because the dogs inside had pneumonia. So thank you for being an absolutely amazing friend!!!

She is fitting right in! She knows what kennel is hers and she is getting used to wearing her collar. She LOVES to cuddle and snuggle and hang out. She LOVES her puppy sling. Whats a puppy sling you ask? Pretty much a carrier for a dog, much like a baby sling. When she was at the rescue they apparently had her in it and she loved it. Obviously I want her comfortable so I did some research and went to Amazon and bought this one and LOVE it. I highly recommend it because it’s soft, durable, comfortable, and she feels really safe and secure in it. It’s reversible and comes in a few colors along with a clip so she can’t jump out.

Bella and Dante like her and are willing to share me so that’s good. They all hang out in bed or on the sofa, know when it’s dinner time, and just sort of run around and play. Bella and Babs both love food and remind me so much of each other and I feel like Bella knows to look out for her.

So in short, Barbara Mae Woodman aka Babs aka Squiggly Butt aka lil mama is an Aries who loves bully sticks, cuddling, Psych and Criminal Minds, warm blankets, her puppy sling, her new animal pack and JoeyWaffles.

Welcome to your furever home Babs.

{If you want to donate and help a wonderful rescue save more dogs, go here and sponsor a pet!}