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Four Legged Fall Fashion w/Hotel Doggy

Today was a perfect fall day: crisp, dry, and full of sunshine. We were up early and headed over to Hoosier Mama Pie Co. and Dollop Coffee for breakfast. They have the most amazing hand pies so I grabbed a few of the spinach and sausage ones. Joey opted for an amazing sausage, Gouda, and egg biscuit. Well, I can vouch the biscuit was amazing since I don’t like Gouda. We grabbed some Nutella Coffee and headed back home to the pups.

Since my fur babies are small, they definitely need some kind of clothing as the weather gets colder. Luckily this was the perfect chance to try out the gorgeous jackets and sweaters sent over from  HotelDoggy, an amazing dog apparel company from Canada. They are finally here in the US at PetCo (NY area), TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and HomeGoods. Prices range from $14.99-$29.99.

Penelope (XS) and Barbara (XXS)

My two little baby girls look adorable in these dark pink plaid sherpa jackets. They are great because they close by velcro and can work with their leash/harness/ and any winter weight gain lol (but really not funny cause dog obesity is no joke).

Dante (S)

Dante has always needed sweaters and jackets but is really hard to find clothes for. He is thin with a large rib cage and long long legs so what fits the ribs is usually huge everywhere else. This sweater fit perfect and he looks so handsome. He is such a sweetie and so patient and gentle.

Uptown, downtown, any town: wherever you venture, you pup will be the top dog in the neighborhood. (Hotel Doggy)

I think when you’re a pet parent, especially of small dogs, people love to make fun of and mock clothing. People forget some dogs really need it and yes, I know Babs doesn’t need a bikini but hey, I am allowed to have a little fun. That’s what makes Hotel Doggy so great. They get it and can laugh at themselves and provide an amazing product.

Next up for the crew, I am eyeing some of the HotelDoggy #adoptdontshop sweaters and their shiny parkas. I also saw some great holiday pajamas the fur babies would look great in. Holiday cards need a great photo and this year, I think we will send one out to all our friends and family.

Now remember everyone, these opinions are my own. I was sent these amazing clothes at no charge but I always keep it real, so you’re getting my honest review. 

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Back to school, to prove to Daddy I’m not a dog that drools (or something like that)


It’s that time for back to school which pretty much just means JoeyWaffles schedule switches back to the night shift and I have 80% of the dog responsibilities. Especially with three dogs, a schedule change means finding ways to keep the pups happy and relaxed.

PetMatrix has released a few helpful tips and tricks for getting pups prepped for back to school:

  • Morning walks – taking your dog for a morning walk is a great way to share some quality time and tire your pup out, before leaving for the day.
  • Plan fun weekend activities – instead of heading to the movies on the weekend, opt for a family park outing with your pup; playing together on the weekends will make up for lost time during the week. I am definitely planning on doing this more and enjoying leash training, exercise, and the gorgeous weather.
  • Create background noise – leaving a television or radio on low volume can provide a sense of comfort to dogs not used to being in a quiet house all day. I do this whenever I leave and switch between classical, country, and easy listening.
  • Keep your pet entertained chewing is an enjoyable and mentally stimulating activity that helps to prevent boredom; instead of turning to rawhide to keep pets occupied, SmartBones offers a healthy alternative, and will help entertain furry family members once kids are back in the classroom. Every morning when I leave, I give each dog a smart bone because it’s their favorite treat and I feel safe knowing they won’t choke or have digestion issues. Plus, they are so bust being excited, they forget about me!

Many veterinarians raise concerns about rawhide chews due to the health risks, including potential choking and digestion problems in dogs. PetMatrix’s SmartBones are made up of a wholesome vegetable outside with real chicken inside – making them 100 percent rawhide-free, low fat, highly digestible and delicious.

Seriously the health benefits are so important and knowing I am giving the pups healthy, safe, and delicious treats makes me happy.

I was holding a SmartBone up as I took this pic and you can see they are excited and ready to go! If you haven’t tried them yet, get on it!

What do you do when your schedule changes with your pets?

Squad Goals


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Traveling with the pups!

As everyone knows, I am obsessed with my dogs and would pretty much take them everywhere if I could.  

a86d6-img_6256This summer we’re trying to get Dante more social since he’s a homebody. He needs to enjoy that outdoor Jeep life and work on his tan. Babs already loves to get out of the house but we’d like her to travel in her car seat more instead of my lap. It’s been a great time being more active and involved in car rides, especially if it involves a trip to Starbucks for a puppachino. 

Traveling with these guys is no joke and I want them to be just as comfortable, happy, and safe as Joey and I. It isn’t just about the temperature of the car (we have the air vents on them, even when the windows down, or no windows at all!) or the music we play (usually 60’s and 70’s with some 90’s hip hop) or even how soft their car seat is (very), but about keeping them calm, safe, and happy!

PetMatrix pulled together a list of tips and tricks to make traveling with a pet a breeze from start to finish and I agree with all of them! These are great for a new pet owner and a welcome reminder for the pet veterans out there!

Prep your pup – if traveling by car this summer, it’s important that your pet feels comfortable in a moving vehicle. To help prep your pup, take him or her on short rides around town prior to a big road trip


Frequent stops – once on the road, take frequent stops for bathroom and exercise breaks


Proper Identification – in case your dog gets away from the family on a trip, increase chances of finding your pet by making sure there are updated identification tags on its collar before you leave


Something to chew on – if staying in a hotel or resort, or even in the long car ride, it’s always important to keep your pup occupied. Without turning to rawhide, SmartBones offers a healthy alternative and will help to keep your dog entertained during vacation downtime with a healthy chew

What I love about the SmartBones is they are good for the pups to eat and chew. Since my dogs are SUPER into their bones and love to fight over them, I want them to be as safe as possible. Seriously though, every time we give them both bones they either want each other’s or whoever finishes first tries everything they can think of to get the other’s. They do little tricks like climbing into our laps so we pet them, one eye on the prize so when the other dog comes over for a pet, they quickly steal the bone and run off. 
My dogs can be picky about which bones they like so I was so excited when they went crazy for SmartBones. On this weekends trip to Starbucks we tried the SmartBones out and the dogs gave them two paws up! They loved the taste and I loved they are rawhide free!
Thanks SmartBones for sending us these and making our summer ter-ruff-ic!
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North Shore Sports Bra?

So two days ago I went to the gym after work to get my sweat on. Sexy, right? But hey, the more you sweat the more you…are sweaty. It’s not attractive or enjoyable but it does mean you’re doing something right. So nothing was new about the workout, same gym, same shoes, same-oh, wait…I had NEW AMAZING WORKOUT CLOTHES!

Thanks to Influenster, I received my second #VoxBox and I’ve been so excited ever since they sent me the email saying I qualified for the #VSSportsBra voxbox. In fact here’s me opening up the best mail I’ve received all year (bills are no fun and while i love birthday cards, they’re not from Victoria’s Secret usually lol)

So, long time Victoris’s secret buyer and customer, first time Incredible sports bra wearer. Trying on the new sports bra, let me give you one very helpful hint: unclasp it. Otherwise you will feel silly trying to get it on over your boobs. Once undone, it went on like a dream and held the ladies in. It fit tight and there was no breast jiggles, no movin or shakin. I might not have as big of breasts as I used to but they’re nothing to sneeze about and my 36dd’s were feeling right at home (even though we were at the gym). I put on the knockout long pants, a first for me since I usually work out in shorts or capris but with Chiberia 2.0 lurking around the corner, I am very grateful to have some long workout pants. I also work out in the VS Boyfriend Sports bra which is mint and adorable and great for yoga.

I can’t make any scientific claims as to the how or why of these knockout pants but let me tell you, as evidenced by the pictures above, my butt looks amazing. You have to factor in I have a large and already nice butt but still, these pants held me in and made me look great and feel amazing. There’s nothing like feeling hot when you’re at the gym trying to get hotter and then sweating your butt off. I also have the capri version which are just as great for my booty.

Time to get real for a second and talk about something that might be gross but happens to every active lady. Boob sweat. It’s real and it happens to us everyday. After 45 minutes of intense cardio, I was expecting the usual puddle underneath and in the middle of my bra/bust/whatever you want to call it and to my surprise, there was none. Picture me with my Home Alone face, hands on cheeks, mouth open. No boob sweat? No booty sweat? Even with an incline of 10? I was SOOOO happy and so was my car since when I leave the gym, I don’t change clothes.

My friends were extremely happy to get the 25% off coupons I received and my co-workers too. The prices are reasonable but who doesn’t love a deal? I plan to get another pair of pants and another bra because honestly, I look great, feel good, don’t have boob sweat and I love feeling sexy when I need to get my butt in the gym when I really want to go home and watch my DVR’ed Teen Mom 2…don’t judge me…

So good bye to any ancient nautical sports bras or bras that weren’t on point, good bye boob sweat and hello dry breasts. #sportsbrabreakup

(this is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest)