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Presto! Paleo Pesto Chicken with Garlic Spinach and Bacon

Whenever I go grocery shopping I seem to skip over the chicken. I tend to go for the red meat or pork because cooking chicken intimidates me. But there’s no time like the present and since cooking in it’s entirety used to scare me and I’ve conquered that, chicken is the next step of my culinary conquest. 
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I decided that I wanted something that would jazz chicken breasts up since JoeyWaffles loves breasts (ha) but we usually buy thighs since those are my favorite. What can I say, I date a sweetheart who always wants me happy. Lucky for him it’s mutual so I threw chicken breasts in my cart a la Mary Tyler Moore and came up with something new for dinner. I had homemade pesto and spinach so I knew something good was going to happen. 

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
3 handful of spinach depending on how much you like
2-3 cloves garlic chopped
1/2 a pack of bacon
1/2 cup pesto (you can use my mess-cipe here)
salt + pepper
1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees
2. Butterfly the chicken. That’s fancy for cut it in half in even portions. You should end up with about 4 pieces. I am not great with cutting so I had six. These were originally going to be stuffed and not rolled but changed lol
3. Lay the slices on saran wrap and cover 
4. Pound the chicken with a tenderizer. I have one from my Grandma but everyone is not so lucky. If you don’t have one, use a can and pound it out. (ha pound it) 
step 4
5. When it’s nice and thin, about 1/4 inch, you can stop.
6. Sautee garlic over medium heat with oil or avocado oil and add spinach when browned
7. In another pan, start frying bacon until crispy
8. Let the crispy bacon sit for a minute or two and then chop into small pieces.
9. Drain spinach
10. Add chopped bacon to spinach
11. Season chicken with s + p. 
(You can also choose to marinate ahead of time with pesto and s +p if you have the time)
12. Baste the chicken with Pesto on the inside and fill with the spinach mixture
step 12
13. Slowly roll one end of the chicken in, basting with Pesto as more chicken is exposed.
14. When it is all rolled, use 2 toothpicks to hold the roll together
15. Baste any area you missed
16. Repeat with all the breasts
17. Place in glassware baking dish
18. Place in over and bake for about 25 minutes. 

This was my first attempt and I think they came out pretty good. You could easily just stuff the breasts and not roll them. You could also roll them tighter and make then look a little neater. I really enjoyed making these and it certainly made for a non boring chicken dinner!

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When did we become parents?

So I know fourteen people that are currently pregnant. Yup, fourteen. Eight are from my high school graduating class. This doesn’t include one of my best friends Sarah who just had a beautiful baby girl Haley. With all this talk of baby talk, Joey and I have been even more firm with our no baby lifestyle. The best laid plans right?

Joey Waffles and I will feel like parents for the next month but I am definitely NOT pregnant, just wanted to give you all a  little panic 😉

Here’s the story. JoeyWaffles has an older (by one year) brother who is as different as him from night and day. He is an aspiring musician who works in IT (when he’s working) and has never really held a steady job. He got himself into some financial trouble and in order to help him avoid another huge mistake, we offered to let him stay for the month. Trust me it will only be the end of the month and then he’s out. He is looking for places and going on job interviews.

JoeyWaffles and I have to make sure he has a curfew since we didn’t give him a key to the house. We have to make sure he’s applying to jobs and that he’s being reasonable about them i.e. not ignoring a job because it’s in a close suburbs, not downtown or he thinks less than $20 is too low. We live in small two bedroom and the spare bedroom is filled with video games, so he is sleeping on the sofa in our dining room. Yeah, we have a love seat in the dining room that Winston the cat sleeps on. We also only have one bathroom.

So no privacy, no alone time. Having to make sure he makes it home on time. No sleeping in on Saturdays. It’s like raising a child. We have to make sure his homework i.e. apt/job hunting is done. This just drives home the fact we don’t want kids and think we must have jinxed ourselves being so happy we’re childless while everyone is living it up in babyville.

I know that if you want a be a parent, everything your baby does is a miracle and amazing and it’s the best experiences. Rick and Sara are going through it right now and it’s awesome to watch. They are falling in love with their baby and it’s amazing. Just not for me. Ever.

I don’t want my weekends interrupted or to have to sneak sex around a baby sleeping or out or who knows where babies go. I want to be able to drop everything and do whatever I want. I want lazy Sundays and extra income and peace and quiet. This doesn’t by any means think I think it’s the better lifestyle, I just think it’s better for me. After living alone, even cohabiting with JoeyWaffles, I still love my alone alone time, even from him. So having a third person living with us is like having a child and extremely not fun. I want to be able to watch my trashy tv in my underwear or walk around naked or dance and sing while I cook without an audience.

Having no alone time all last week with JoeyWaffles meant Sunday I wanted to just hang out and have fun. So we drove to Elgin and had Sushi Station, went thrifting, had smoothies, I got supper pissed at the guy in the Old Navy dressing room for not wanting me to try on jeans when it was 1 minute passed 6 o’clock (might have thrown the jeans down…) and then we did some meal prep. Sometimes I get bored with the same thing so we tried something new this week. I’ll be posting my Presto! Paleo Pesto Chicken Stuffed with Garlic Spinach and Bacon in a new section called Hot Mess-cipes. Look for it later today!

So since I have to see everyone’s numerous baby photos which are sickeningly cute, here’s my version of a overly cute photo.

You’re welcome.