Hi, I’m Tiffany. I live in Evanston, IL and grew up on the North Shore of Chicago. I love buying nice things on a small budget and can’t pass up a good thrift store or JoAnn Fabrics coupon! When I bought my Landrover LR2, a friend started calling me “North Shore Poor” and the name stuck.

I have a passion for cooking. I love trying out recipes and coming up with my own. I try to follow an 80% Paleo lifestyle and stay away from processed sugar, grains, and dairy. I do love baking  and sometimes substitutes just aren’t the same so you’ll  find some great non Paleo desserts and meals here.

I have four rescue Chihuahua mixes (Dante, Barbara, Penelope Garcia, and Holly Golightly and a rescue cat named Pteri. My furbabies are a huge part of my life and most Friday nights you can find me hanging out with them, a good glass of wine., and my girlfriends.

I’m a pop culture junkie who loves Teen Mom, Criminal Minds, Master Chef and 90 Day Fiancé. I think a deep nude is the best nail polish color, sushi is life, and a vacation without books is no vacation at all.

I’m also a fiancé, getting married 6.22.18. and can’t wait!

Enjoy North Shore Poor and feel free to contact me: hello@tiffanybarrington.com



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