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365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, and a whole lot of minutes until #WoodGotHerGood

I can’t believe exactly one year from now I will be walking down the aisle and marrying the crazy, handsome, funny, kind, and tall Mr. Joey Waffles. In lieu of my weekly #weddingwednesday post, I wanted to take today to write down how and what I’m feeling.

I am spending this Friday night and Saturday morning with three of my (unofficial until I formally ask) bridesmaids and my Mother trying on wedding dresses. I will probably have my maid of honor face timing in. I get to enjoy a rite of passage with my favorite people, and honestly I never thought I would be excited about this. You see, I was married once, when I was 24.

Ten years ago, I went to a courthouse and said “I do” in a black shirt and jeans and had my wedding meal at iHop and then went to work. I was young, in a rebound relationship, and thought loving and being in love were the same thing. He was my friend and let’s just say 90 Day Fiancé and I had a few things in common.We divorced 4 years later after living apart for over two years and I guess it just made marriage feel like a transaction. It was something I didn’t want or care about and it never felt real to me.

When JoeyWaffles and I got together, it was something neither of us wanted and we didn’t even know where this was going. Sure, we had both been in a few long term, serious relation ships but nothing had ever been smooth sailing. We both had  trepidation’s and had been hurt, so we were kind of going in with some restraint. Luckily the more time we spent together we accepted this was something totally different and that meant our future could be too.

In 365 days I get to join my life path with his, in front of family and friends. We get to share our love and goofiness with the most important people in our lives. We get to show faith and trust in each other and in love. We know that there is always a worse, when you say for better or worse, and we’re ready.

In 365 days, I get to dance and sing and enjoy a day full of love and acceptance. A day that 50 years ago, we couldn’t have had without breaking a law. A day that symbolizes our commitment and the life we’re choosing. No, a piece of paper won’t change much but it will be a sign of love, joy, of promises, of a bond, and will remind us that we are sharing this thing called life together.

In 365 days, I get married to my favorite person. My person.

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