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King Spa Review

A few weeks ago, I finally visited a place I’ve been dying to try for a few years, King Spa & Sauna in Niles, IL.  I’d been hearing about it for a while and even bought a Groupon two years ago but still hadn’t gone. To celebrate my brunette bestie Christina’s birthday, my girlfriends and I picked a spa day with dinner after.

So what happens when you take four best friends, add in a Korean Spa, and have them get naked together?  Well, here we go…

About King Spa
“King Spa & Sauna is a unique Korean inspired spa that is known as “Jjim-Jil Bang”. Jjim-Jil Bang spa is one of the many traditional assets that have coexisted in the Korean community. With its own unique cultural blend, the Korean sauna offers great relaxation to relieve stress from the body and mind.” (King Spa Website)

They really offer everything  you could want in a relaxing day, from a movie theater, restaurant, games likes checkers and chess, and spa services, to hot/cold pools . They have an oxygen room, ionization room, a variety of salt rooms, and an extremely hot but enjoyable fire room. You can go to their second floor and lay out on big comfy chairs and watch tv or nap for a few hours.

They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Adults cost $35 per person and children under 12 are $30. It’s an additional $5 for the base rock rooms, which you definitely want to pay. There is usually a Groupon available for $20 admittance, including the base rock room. If you can’t find a Groupon, the King Spa website always has a deal, making it $24 with admission pus the base rock rooms. If you stay pass 1:59 am they will charge you an additional $10 fee.

My Day
Alex, Caroline, Christina and I walked in and got in line for tickets. You pay at the front and get a bracelet with key that is your locker number. The bracelet is also scanned whenever you need to pay for an additional service which is great because you won’t be carrying any cash on you for payment or tip.

You walk down a hallway and take your shoes off when the sign says. Listen to the sign. When we entered the women’s locker room you have the option of signing up for one of the body scrubs or massages. Alex and I signed up for their Gold Scrub package ($120) which was a 90 minutes service of a body scrub, facial, and massage. Caroline and Christina opted to get their services later in the main area.

hot/cold pools

Once you pass the sign up, you are fully immersed in the locker room. The very naked naked locker room. Having been to a Bally’s fitness, I am no stranger to naked ladies in a locker room. You go to your locker and strip down to nothing. It is one of the most exhilarating feelings to get naked and just not give a damn.

Everyone was naked and walking around totally normal. It was the most liberating feeling to be around a group of women with completely different shapes, colors, ages, and sizes and feel completely comfortable. No one is staring at you or judging you. We are all on equal ground and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was such a body positive experience and it was actually really cool to see a mother with her 10/11 (guessing here) daughter.

You can go straight to the main area of the base rock rooms but as we were naked, chose to use the hot pools. Just remember to have your hair pulled back in a ponytail. If you are too loud, they will definitely remind you. We alternated between the hot pools, sauna and cold pool, which was very refreshing.

main area

Alex and I had to soak 15 minutes before our service and then we were sent to an area next to the pool. Do not be alarmed at the ladies in black panties and lace bras. It’s the uniform. They are the masseuses and they are amazing.

You will lie naked on the bed and they will vigorously scrub you all over and over. They will throw warm water on you to get off the dead skin which is both gross and awesome. At one point you get up, rinse off and put some lotion on your face. They then lay warm towels on you while they massage you.  They put tea tree oil in your hair and wash your hair. They also do a collagen facial which felt fantastic.

After 90 minutes of heaven, we rinsed off and headed to the main areas. Everyone gets the same set of clothes to wear, large pink shirt and shorts. You throw that on and go to the main (and unisex) areas. We met up with Caroline and Christina and got some delicious Korean food in the restaurant. Again, everything is linked to your bracelet so it’s easy to pay. The meals aren’t cheap but they are definitely delicious and large enough portions to share. If you want to try something interesting, check out their aloe water.

facilities_1After some time in the base rock rooms, we went to the second floor and checked out their oxygen and ionization rooms. A quick trip to the very comfy movie theatre and we were ready to go.

Overall Impression

I loved King Spa and would gladly go back. The body scrub was ridiculously amazing and relaxing and made my skin feel baby soft. It was a great day and I loved going with friends. There are so many things to do and they definitely want you to enjoy yourselves, no rush to get out. It was well run and the food was so good. If you haven’t gone here, give it a try!


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