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What does your underwear say about you?  

Do you wear the same type of underwear everyday? Do you switch it up? Maybe you wear all nude because it’s easy to match. Maybe you’re still rocking the Beavis and Butthead joke boxers you got as a gift years ago. Maybe you don’t even wear underwear. Let’s see what your style says about you.

Thong: You’re spontaneous and fun. Your friends say you can take more tequila shots then anyone, brush your teeth, and still end up on time for your 8 am meeting. You’re nickname is Sparkles because you can’t quite get that glitter eye shadow totally off.

Boy shorts:  You love being just one of the guys and still use the nickname Slugger you got in tee ball. You love burping but still know how to rock a push up bra and skinny jeans. You know how you straddle the line between tomboy and butch.

Bikini: You’re the everyday woman who wants to be called miss, not ma’am. You’re practical but still know how to rock a bikini in Vegas for your sorority sisters last fling before the ring. You love cute patterns to show your fun side but still keep nude ones on hand for work. You love a good glass of white wine but won’t turn down a margarita. You can’t wait for your 2.5kids and downtown commuting husband.

Commando: You have guys in your phone saved under names like “stockbroker”, “scruffy beard river north”,  and “rinse and repeat”. You drink whiskey and wear $500 jeans. You shoot guns on the weekend but still know how to rock a little black dress and contour like nobody’s business. Your name is a traditionally guys one like Taylor or Hunter but is incredibly sexy to all alpha males.

Boxer briefs: You drink black coffee but don’t mind a latte once in a while. You can change your own oil but leave your brakes to the mechanic. You finally settled down with a gf and all her friends love you but you still have time for poker night with the guys. You’ve retired the empty  beer and liquor bottle collection and have a few IKEA pictures instead. You’ve dropped the “y” at the end of your name.

Boxers: You still have one of your frat boys as a roommate. Saturday nights are still for goofing with the guys and watching game. You don’t realize that calling a date back and sending flowers go a long way. You have a Maxim subscription.

Okay let’s get real. I hope by now you can tell I have just made all these up and they are ridiculous stereotypes and ideals of what people should be.

Our underwear does not define us. Sorry 10 Things I Hate About You but black underwear does not mean a woman wants to have sex. Our underwear does not define our sexuality or sexual prowess or desire or masculinity.

Challenging and changing these stereotypes about what we wear that  somehow defines who we are is vital. Judging someone by their clothes is something we all do, good or bad. Let’s focus on the good and remember that whatever a person chooses to wear to make them feel good about themselves is what matters.

Maybe it’s all romance novels I’m reading mixed with the media coverage on politics and gender and sexual assaults. Maybe it’s girls getting sent home from school for dress code violations that distract boys from learning. Let’s be real, it’s all of this and more. It’s now man have to constantly live up to a level of masculinity to impress other men but still be feminine enough to be considered a gentlemen.

Either way, happy Tuesday and keep fighting the good fight!


3 thoughts on “What does your underwear say about you?  ”

  1. Love the new design! I am not going to lie, I was really hoping this would include your reviews of undergarments because hello you are my go to person for that! Hilarious post deary!

  2. LOL I am so not the stereotype for my underwear preference. Wish I could get somewhere on time… anywhere #alwaysALWAYSlate #callmesparkles #thongloyalsince2011

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