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Back to school, to prove to Daddy I’m not a dog that drools (or something like that)


It’s that time for back to school which pretty much just means JoeyWaffles schedule switches back to the night shift and I have 80% of the dog responsibilities. Especially with three dogs, a schedule change means finding ways to keep the pups happy and relaxed.

PetMatrix has released a few helpful tips and tricks for getting pups prepped for back to school:

  • Morning walks – taking your dog for a morning walk is a great way to share some quality time and tire your pup out, before leaving for the day.
  • Plan fun weekend activities – instead of heading to the movies on the weekend, opt for a family park outing with your pup; playing together on the weekends will make up for lost time during the week. I am definitely planning on doing this more and enjoying leash training, exercise, and the gorgeous weather.
  • Create background noise – leaving a television or radio on low volume can provide a sense of comfort to dogs not used to being in a quiet house all day. I do this whenever I leave and switch between classical, country, and easy listening.
  • Keep your pet entertained chewing is an enjoyable and mentally stimulating activity that helps to prevent boredom; instead of turning to rawhide to keep pets occupied, SmartBones offers a healthy alternative, and will help entertain furry family members once kids are back in the classroom. Every morning when I leave, I give each dog a smart bone because it’s their favorite treat and I feel safe knowing they won’t choke or have digestion issues. Plus, they are so bust being excited, they forget about me!

Many veterinarians raise concerns about rawhide chews due to the health risks, including potential choking and digestion problems in dogs. PetMatrix’s SmartBones are made up of a wholesome vegetable outside with real chicken inside – making them 100 percent rawhide-free, low fat, highly digestible and delicious.

Seriously the health benefits are so important and knowing I am giving the pups healthy, safe, and delicious treats makes me happy.

I was holding a SmartBone up as I took this pic and you can see they are excited and ready to go! If you haven’t tried them yet, get on it!

What do you do when your schedule changes with your pets?

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