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Traveling with the pups!

As everyone knows, I am obsessed with my dogs and would pretty much take them everywhere if I could.  

a86d6-img_6256This summer we’re trying to get Dante more social since he’s a homebody. He needs to enjoy that outdoor Jeep life and work on his tan. Babs already loves to get out of the house but we’d like her to travel in her car seat more instead of my lap. It’s been a great time being more active and involved in car rides, especially if it involves a trip to Starbucks for a puppachino. 

Traveling with these guys is no joke and I want them to be just as comfortable, happy, and safe as Joey and I. It isn’t just about the temperature of the car (we have the air vents on them, even when the windows down, or no windows at all!) or the music we play (usually 60’s and 70’s with some 90’s hip hop) or even how soft their car seat is (very), but about keeping them calm, safe, and happy!

PetMatrix pulled together a list of tips and tricks to make traveling with a pet a breeze from start to finish and I agree with all of them! These are great for a new pet owner and a welcome reminder for the pet veterans out there!

Prep your pup – if traveling by car this summer, it’s important that your pet feels comfortable in a moving vehicle. To help prep your pup, take him or her on short rides around town prior to a big road trip


Frequent stops – once on the road, take frequent stops for bathroom and exercise breaks


Proper Identification – in case your dog gets away from the family on a trip, increase chances of finding your pet by making sure there are updated identification tags on its collar before you leave


Something to chew on – if staying in a hotel or resort, or even in the long car ride, it’s always important to keep your pup occupied. Without turning to rawhide, SmartBones offers a healthy alternative and will help to keep your dog entertained during vacation downtime with a healthy chew

What I love about the SmartBones is they are good for the pups to eat and chew. Since my dogs are SUPER into their bones and love to fight over them, I want them to be as safe as possible. Seriously though, every time we give them both bones they either want each other’s or whoever finishes first tries everything they can think of to get the other’s. They do little tricks like climbing into our laps so we pet them, one eye on the prize so when the other dog comes over for a pet, they quickly steal the bone and run off. 
My dogs can be picky about which bones they like so I was so excited when they went crazy for SmartBones. On this weekends trip to Starbucks we tried the SmartBones out and the dogs gave them two paws up! They loved the taste and I loved they are rawhide free!
Thanks SmartBones for sending us these and making our summer ter-ruff-ic!

1 thought on “Traveling with the pups!”

  1. As,you know, my lab Jack and my previous dauchsunds all enjoy/enjoyed “Smartbones!” And you are correct you want your pet to be comfortable AND safe. Like you, I too refer to my dogs as my children and I want nothing but the best for them.

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