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Back from a two Florida vacation and ready to get back to blogging. Usually I stress about what to write, if there’s a theme, if it’s too long, blah blah blah. Finally, I realized I just need to write! So here we go 🙂 If there’s anything you want to hear about, drop me a line, leave me a comment, and your wish is my command!
On to summer…
Here are some of my favorite things this summer that I must rave about.
1. Starbucks Iced Black Coffee- I actually LOVE this. I’ve gone off processed sugar and so bye bye caramel macciatos and hello black coffee. I first thought it was going to be terrible but t my surprise, I actually like it. Add a little stevia from Trader Joe’s and I LOVE it. The cold brew is too metallic tasting for me but a Venti Iced Black coffee is quite satisfying.
2. Benefit’s Goof Proof eyebrow pencil is AMAZING. If you want to have on point eyebrows but don’t have a lot of time or skill, this is the product for you. I had a free sample from Ulta before it came out and now I am addicted! I don’t do any other makeup 99% of the time besides my brows and this makes them look perfect in minimal time.
3. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray- I have used this products for a few years and I need to rave about it every year. I literally just wash my hair and spray this in and my hair looks amazing. I spritz it on my hair wet or dry, depending on the morning. If you want a great smelling, great texture beachy feeling, this is the product for you!
4. Cucumbers and lemons- Basically I’m using lemon juice for almost all my meals! It adds such a flavor and it mixed perfect with garlic, which I use on everything. It has so many great health benefits and it’s delicious!! Also, cucumber is refreshing in water, as a salad, or an add on to any salad. It’s crisp texture and taste make it a staple plus it’s inexpensive.
What are you enjoying this summer? What should I be trying/using/doing that I may not be?

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