Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Here are some random thoughts I’ve been pondering…after a glass of wine or two…

-what the hell Gwen Stefani? No doubt you suck these days and need to stop being Blake’s hollaback girl and remember you’re a parent. Seriously, being proud to be a rebound is just tacky. And you can shut your pie hole Luke Bryan cause you have no loyalty to Miranda Lambert and PULEASE Miranda is WAY hotter and more awesome than Gwen so yeah, if he could get Miranda, Gwen ain’t no thang. You keep it real Gavin Rossdale trying to save your marridage and raise yo babies!

-Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving and Stuffing flavored kettle chips are weirdly delicious and spot on in flavor

-Adele is cool and all and ‘hello’ is catchy but I thought she was over her ex? She talked about how this was a moving on album but girl, I do not think so.

-The older I get , the more I appreciate red wine and drink white less (still love it though!)

-Aleksandra from 90 fiance acts like she lives in the Footloose town…which she kind of does. She looks like the lightbulb finally turned on and she realizes 21 is too young to marry and change your entire life when you are a party girl and your man is a young mormon guy. Fernando eats Carolina’s face when he kisses her and he’s such a douche bag. EW. Nikki and Mark…also ew. I actually love Melanie and Devar. I think they’re my favorite couple. Loren is the most annoying spoiled jewish american princess and I feel terrible for Alexei. I know it’s what he signed up for but she seems very self absolrbed. Good luck buddy.

-Grandfathered is actually a really really funny and cute tv show and I’ve added it to my weekly line up. Okay really my Saturday night binge watching but same thing. John Stamos is damn charming and you go Josh Peck! Sorry Drake Bell but turns out cute and funny wins out over cool. Still love ya though!

-Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the new Dirty Dancing for me in that whenever it’s on TBS I can’t stop watching

What are the random thoughts on your mind?-


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