birthday, monday must have's, must have's

because birthdays are for wishes!


Since my birthday is next Saturday, what’s more fun then a birthday wish list?

A new Camera/Camcorder for Vlogging: I think I want the Canon VIXIA Mini Compact Personal Camcorder. It has great reviews, a good price point, and should fit my needs. I would love to do more vlogging and think this will be a great tool for it. Honestly I just want to rant about shit and talk about my dogs and celebrity gossip and why people feel the need to sit in the stall RIGHT NEXT TO ME when there is room to space it out…how annoying!

Core Power Yoga Gift Card: Because Yoga really does make me happy and feel good. I love the Old Orchard location which is on my way to work and has great teachers. This will motivate me to go back and get my mental and physical health even better! Plus the older you get, the better stretching is for you and considering the way my back feels sometimes, this will only do good for me. That and flexibility. So really, if Joey gets me this, it’s a win win for both of us (yes you can say ewwww out loud lol).

Express Gift Card: Because they have been killing it with their amazing clothes and everything I wear from there I get complimented on and feel really good in. I am drooling over their fall dresses and jeans. Which of course means I need new boots! But some of the dresses below definitely need to make their way into my closet.

Kettle Balls/Light Weights: I need to get more weights for the house, especially with winter coming up. Kettle balls are great for squats and other excercises, so one or two at home would be awesome. Otherwise some 5, 10, and maybe 15lb weights would be awesome for arms, back, and shoulders.
Scratch Lotto Tickets: Because there is almost nothing better than scratching lotto tickets. Blame it on my Grandma but it truly brings me joy. Winning is a bonus!


JoeyWaffles made dinner reservations for two of my favorite restaurants, Sabatino’s and Cooper’s Hawk and I’m hoping there will be Sushi Staion for lunch Saturday. Sunday we are celebrating my birthday along with my Grandma’s and the whole family is going to lunch. It should be a fantastic weekend and I hopefully will spend Saturday night with some girlfriends (should probably text them!!) and a few bottles of wine and some cake!
What do you love about birthdays? Are there any fun tradition you celebrate?
A certain kind of cake you must have?

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