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I’ve got that summertime, summertime fitness

When I started my lapband journey almost 3(!) years ago, I really wasn’t sure where it was going to take me. Oh sure, I knew it would be a tool to help me lose weight and that it was going to be the start of something new. It was going to give me my life back. I went to the insurance mandated therapy appointment and felt confident everything would be fine.

I’ve written about the mental aspects of losing weight and about emotional eating and how it’s affected me. I’ve written about how happy I am to have done the surgery and I still feel that way. Lapband has changed my life but where do I go from here? Truthfully, my weight and health no longer define me. You will notice my laugh or long hair or energy before you will look at my weight. I am a socially acceptable body weight, whatever that really means, and I can shop it any store I want.
So what are my goals? What do I want out of health and fitness? I follow so many health/fitness/wls surgery accounts and it’s really making me look at where I am and what I want. 
do want to work out about 4-5 times a week. A mix of cardio, weights, yoga, and some fun classes like boxing or kickboxing. I think it’s going to be fun to try different forms of cardio, not just the treadmill. I am not a zumba girl because one of my knees is a little bit bum thanks to a high school aerobics class injury (sad to say that’s a true story). I think mixing it up and finding a class could be really fun. I want to continue to see my trainer 2 times a week as well. He’s a great guy and thanks to him, my body is getting toned. 
do not want to take pre or post work outs at this point. I seem to be fine without them at this point. I am not saying I will never try them but I don’t like adding chemicals to my diet. I obviously am keeping my mind open but it’s something I’d like to avoid for now. Depending on the classes I take, I might be able to find a reasonable one and see. 
do want to keep monitoring my sugar intake as well as general eating. I want to make sure I am balancing my body’s needs with some wants. Yes, dessert is okay but not every day/every meal. Finding a food balance that works for me is a goal. I am pretty close but just need to keep going.
do not want to apologize if my life flow means I have wings and cake one night. Yes, I know it is counter productive to my workouts and goals. Yes, I am fully aware I will be doing at least an extra hour or two of cardio to make up for it. When my period comes I want to to eat all the sweet and salty combos I want. I refuse to apologize. Only I can be accountable for the line between healthy balance, indulging, and emotional eating. 
do want to be able to be a comfortable size 8. I am about 8lbs I would guess, away from it. I am not using the scale as much because it tends to get me down. I am using my clothing sizes and how I feel. I am LOVING my thighs these days. So just making sure I can reach and maintain a weight balance would be a HUGE achievement.

do want to have a toned and healthy body in my 30s, 40s, and older. I want to keep investing in my health and we all know it’s much harder the older you get. No impossible but just a lot harder. I want to Marissa Tomei and get better looking with age, Hey, I’m Italian too, it can happen!

What are your health goals? What are the changes you’ve incorporated and love? Who inspires you?

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