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Oils and Teen Moms and Chocolate, oh my!

So I have an IUD. No, I don’t think that’s TMI. Birth control is important and nothing to be embarrassed about and I love my Mirena IUD. The thing is though, I can only tell I get my period when I am acting all hormonal and crazy and get super bloated, how fun! Yes, a perk is nothing gross happens but the downside is I get super hormonal some months.

So how did I know today that Aunt Not So Flo is on her way (or at least the symptoms)?
Exhibit A: I cried at Taylor Swift’s ACM award speech. I cried during her Mom’s part especially.
Exhibit B: I cried watching Teen Mom OG because Catelyn is adorable and Larry, Ryans Dad is amazing.
Exhibit C: I ate half a bar of chocolate.
Exhibit D: Paige (from work) gave me a tip about putting cream cheese on banana bread. HEAVEN!!!

So what do you do when you feel awful and bloated and cranky and tired? Besides take a bubble bath and drink some Riesling? Oh and eat chocolate…

Luckily I got my new order of YL oils last week and I bought Progessence Plus. I had heard it was great for balancing hormones and feeling better so I figured why not give it a try. I put two drops on my abdomen and I am not kidding you, was feeling better instantly. Within 30 minutes all my normal period symptoms were gone. I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite oils. I think Joeys too since it calms me down lol. Although he is pretty partial to peppermint.

Seriously though, I am so lucky some Progessence Plus and Teen Moms made the night better. Seriously, Ryan’s parents are so nice and Gary the Hairy Fairy is disgusting. I love seeing the 4th wall broken and getting to enjoy the full experience. Don’t knock the show until you’ve tried it!

What do you ladies do when you’re feeling under the weather and cursing Eve for eating that damn apple? Guys- any tips you know from the ladies in your life? 


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