monday must have's

Monday Must Have’s!

Guess who’s back? Back again? Must have’s are back. Tell your friends.
Yeah. I went there. North Shore Shady.

So with summer right around the corner, shopping has begun! So what do you need to get ready for summer?

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray– This has been my go to for the last 4 years and I am OBSESSED. Seriously it has changed my life. I have a natural wave to my hair but it just looks messy and weird when I leave it to air dry so I usually just blow dry my hair and it gors straight really easily. The thing is, I HATE blowdrying my hair in the summer. Who wants to spend at least 30 minutes under the heat of a blowdryer? Especially when I’m just going to end up throwing it in a ponytail to stay out of my face. With this product I just wash and condition my hair, towel dry it, and spray this on. Done! I don’t brush my hair and it can look pretty great for a few days.  If there is one hair prodict you use this summer, get this. Plus I really enjoy the smell since it reminds me of summer.

Jeep Wranlger– Okay so this is not really possible for most but I do have to say, there is nothing better than driving down Lake Shore Drive with the top and doors off enjoying a beautiful summer day. I’m glad JoeyWaffles is a car guy. Now all I need is for Alex to teach me how to drive stick although I’m pretty sure JoeyWaffles is avoiding this so I don’t try and steal Autumn (his jeep). So really try to find a friend with a Wrangler or convertible and enjoy the ride.

work in progress

A great bikini-I bought two this year from Victoria’s secret, the hottie halter and the fabulous (not the one to the right although it was cute). I have a lot of Target/Old Navy bathing suits but the best ones I’ve ever bought have always been from VS. They offer great support and a better quality. They are ridiculously expensive but they usually have some great sales. I actually ebayed some old bathing suits that I had worn only a few times and bought these. Who knew people bought slightly used bathing suits? I bought one in an “underwater” color that looks like teal and one in a medium shade of purple so I am really excited to wear them! No matter what size you are, do NOT be afraid to rock a bikini. I wore one when I was 80lbs heavier and no one ever laughed at me. I wanted to be tan all over and I didn’t care. If someone is going to body shame a person, call them on it. I would LOVE to hear them explain why they think it’s okay to tell a person how they should look and why they are perpetuating discrimination of ANY size or appearance.

Cute sandals– I bought two great pairs already from TJ Maxx. A pair of Michael Kors and a pair of BCBG’s. I myself like flats with a bit of bling on them to make them pop a little.You can’t forget to get a few pairs of Old Navy flips in black and some fun colors. I’m lucky at my work you can wear sandals as long as they aren’t something you’d wear to the beach, i,e. the Old Navy flip flop. DSW always has amazing sales so go get some now so you’ll be ready for great weather.

Cute sundress– Every girl needs a cute sundress that you can wear to the beach or dress up for a night out. Forever 21 has a ton of great options for practically nothing. Old Navy has a medium good selection usually and I love the Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s. I bought this American Eagle dress 2 summers ago and love wearing it to work or just our for a drink with friends. I also think Maxi dresses and skirts work great. Anything that can show off your favorite features, makes you feel comfortable, and is easy to throw on. Men, I didn’t forget about you! All you need is a nice pair or khaki cargo shorts and you’re good to go. Target and Old Navy are a great resource if you don’t feel like spending Gap or J. Crew money.

Trashy Summer Reading– Shows are on hiatus and sitting next to the water, go old school and grab a book. I myself love some romance novels like Kristan Higgins or anything from Danielle Steele. Grab an Emily Giffin or Jane Green if you love chick lit. If you’re feeling like chick lit with more substance, try Elizabeth Berg. James Patterson’s old works are always great and I love browsing the book aisles at Target. I love teen reads and started The Blackcoat Rebellion series which is not to bad. So get the real deal paper book or a kindle edition and don’t forget your summer reads!

Summer Playlists-It needs to be poppy, something you can dance and sing along to and capture the feelings of driving in the car with your friends where anything is possible. I love Sam Hunt, The Band Perry, The Beach Boys, Selena Gomez, Fleetwood Mac, anything 70’s makes me happy and any new country.

Obviously you need a few more things like a great lip gloss with spf and a beach bag (Thanks Riva!); a great beach cover up, and a vacation of good place to get wet and get tan are musts.

What are your summer must haves? what should I be reading and listening to?


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