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North Shore Vacation

I just  came back from traveling to the Dominican Republic for 11 days with my Aunt Susan. She’s only 13 years older then me and more like a sister. We’ve been vacationing together the last few summers and they have been some of the best times of my life.  We’ve done Longboat Key, Fl a few times and last year ventured to Puerta Vallerta. This year we heard good things about the DR and decided to be a little more adventurous.

I left the boo, JoeyWaffles at home and spent my time tanning, laughing and reading 40 or so books. Pretty much paradise. One of the best things about my relationship is that I missed him some but I was free to enjoy my time without needing him or thinking about being home more then where I was. Plus, he let me use his t-mobile phone so I could text and use data for free and I left him mine. That’s trust folks, trading cell phones for 11 days away and not worrying about any texts, emails etc.
I did a little shopping before I left to get ready for the trip. Thanks to an awesome 20% off from Kohls and some already great sales, I bought a one of those 360 spinner luggage bags from Samsonite in teal. Susan made the smart point of no black since that’s what everyone has and she was right. Getting my luggage from the carousal it was easy to spot. I also had a Target Tantrum trying to buy underwear. Listen, I love my VS panties as we all know but I really do love my Hanes string bikinis and I could NOT find a good pack to save my life. They had the wrong sizes and ugly colors and I tried to look at every brand, shelf, etc. I finally gave up and tried some Hanes bikinis and I actually love them. Good fit and did not look like granny panties thank god. I was really being lazy buying new underwear for vacation but 7 pairs for $10 is pretty much a steal. A girls gotta feel good from the inside out and that includes underwear. Add in a cute “you go glen coco” shirt from Target, a basic black cover up along with 5 of spray tanning lotion, some coco butter lotion and I was good to go!

Typical day
Pool. Breakfast.
Pool. Read. Tanning.Flip.
Pool. Read. Drink. Flip sides. 
Pool. Lunch. 
Pool. Read. Flip.
Pool. Nap. Dinner.
Criminal Minds. Balcony sitting.
I accidentally read a lot of erotica which was interesting and also a lot of really great non sexy fiction books. I found SVU and Criminal Minds in English and brushed up on my TV crime shows. I talked with Susan about anything and everything. I learned I really missed not having avocado everyday and that tripadvisor really works (sorry Barcelo, not going back to you!) Also, AirTran was HORRIBLE in the Dr which was a huge surprise. Delaying a flight for 4 hours and NEVER once announcing it? Yuck.
So I am back, tan relaxed and rejuvenated.  One of the things I love most about my job is that I came back and everything was done. No one bothered me and life was good. I came back to my favorite faces, a clean desk, and warm welcomes.
I might have jumped poor JoeyWaffles as soon as I saw him in the car and attacked him with kisses. Being home and cuddled up with him and the pups was pretty tops. What can I say, I love that man.

There’s nothing like home sweet home.


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