When you know you don’t know

(so i vlogged and wrote this a few weeks ago but no use not posting so enjoy a rant lol)

honestly, the video screenshots they give me make me look so awkward. then again i am making those faces, so i guess it’s pretty fair. this is from last week but sometimes it takes me forever and then life gets in the way and then i’m all ahhh i didn’t blog and i had a bunch to say and do i post old things and then, well nothing gets done. but today i’m going to finish this post like a boss! also apparently capitalization is not happening either.

i paid $84 for an oil change today, seriously $84?? yikes! i definitely felt #noshopo cause i was sitting at landrover, surrounded by $100K cars and looked like a Khardashian with my dark hair and big ass burt was definitely missing their huge bank accounts.

(okay so i was apparently midpost when i left this but i have no idea where this was going so….let’s just end it here and pretend it was complete…good? good.)


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