Vlog? say whaaattt!

So. I might be prone to rants. Listen, I’m Italian so it runs in my blood. I mean, it’s not so much ranting as I’m passionate. I mean obviously libraries are amazing and the idea of them losing funding is terrifying, which was today’s lunch rant (p.s. you can go here to learn about saving libraries in your state!). So it was suggested by Danny and apparently backed up by Sara and Ryne and Kevin…so here I am. Vlogging.
Yikes! Here we go…

Leave a comment below and suggest a topic you want to hear my thoughts on and I’ll vlog it.

1 thought on “Vlog? say whaaattt!”

  1. Salesman with tupas, Tupac, men in tank tops, men in pink, cameltoe leggings, Paleo, people leaving a mess, just a few to start off with

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