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Let’s be honest, I’m a lazy typist who can be pretty inconsistent when it comes to capitalization and sometimes even typos (which I do try to edit out!), so typing out northshorepoor is like typing out my full name, ain’t nobody got time for that! So for everyone’s sake, I’m just going to abbreviate it to NoShoPo. good? good.

So my amazing, fabulous, handsome, smart, and funny boyfriend, the wonderful JoeyWaffles added to my NoShoPo life yesterday in a fabulous way!! He surprised me with absolutely amazing Maui Jim sunglasses.

Maui Jim sunglasses really are life changing. Seriously, my driving and outdoor experiences are already a million time more enjoyable. The lenses are polarized and seriously go to a SungGlass hut or something and use their little picture thing to see the difference.

He got me the Maui Jim Mavericks and you can see by smile, I am one happy girl. They are incredibly light weight, stylish, and I love the case. Now he has a pair and so do I, all upon a great recommendation on our friends Rick and Sarah, who of course both have a pair. I am not one for jumping on bandwagons but I am also not one to miss out on a great product. If you do a lot of outdoor activities, get a pair!

So my outfit today consists of:

Hunter Boots
VS Bra and Hanes Panties
Kohls Sweater over a Target tank top
Gap Jeans
Louis Vuitton Purse
Maui Jim Sunglasses

See the mix of NoShoPo? It’s a little chic and a little…I wouldn’t say shabby per say but not as fancy as they could be. Truth is, I love the Hanes string bikini underwear as much, if not more, than my VS 5/$26 collection. Tank tops are the same from anywhere but I must have my Gap skinny jeans. My Louie will never go out style and neither will my Hunters because they are classic, quality products that have stool the test of time and fashion.

NoShoPo is mixing new with old, expensive items with thrift store finds. It’s buying the $2 quilted blanket from the Salvation Army and putting it over the back of our expensive, amazing Lovesac series 6 sofas. It’s having my artisan kitchen aid on a thrift kitchen buffet. It’s living in Evanston in a house built in 1889 that needs tons of updating. It’s keeping the integrity of the house intact by only select modern touches on vintage style.

It’s buying the smallest Landrover they have that’s a few years old because I like the car, the design and the reviews. I like that it fits me and the moment I drove it I fell in love.

It’s being me. It’s knowing who I am, where I come from, where I want to go and doing it the way I want.


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