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#metime on instagram pretty much means girls taking bubble baths or getting mani/pedis. I’m pretty much in agreement with that. A nice bubble bath with a glass of wine, my book, and some candles has become my Saturday night ritual while Joey works. Well deserved too since I shoveled the sidewalks and cleaned the house.

Superbowl…I think it’s all been said. We wanted Peyton for sentimental, Seattle for skill and it was a massacre that many people stopped watching. Commercials sucked and I don’t want to buy a car or drink Bud but I did love their #bestbuds ads the best after David Beckham.
Oh! I have my one of my vacays booked for June. Going to Punta Cana with my amazing Aunt (she isn’t that much older then me) who I’ve vacationed the last 2 summers with. Can’t wait for water, sun, and a book with a nice cool tropical drink. Joey and I are planing another trip to Starved Rock with our friends Rick and Sarah. We all went last year for the first time, rented a cabin and had a blast. We are also planning a road trip to Colorado with the guys Jeep Wranglers, pretty damn excited for that.
I pretty much am loving the Better Business Bureau right now. La Fitness were being complete jerks about a personal training contract where they refused to meet their own terms and were trying to charge me thousands of dollars. Two days after I made my formal complaint, they dropped everything. SO relived and I can start using my membership again but I do love their clubs. Clean and friendly and have everything I need.
Saving money has been going AMAZING. I absolutely love paying my bills. I know it sounds crazy but the feeling I get now when I know my bills are paid and my CC debt is slowing lowering, it’s fantastic. I still get to live my North Shore life. I even bought myself some Hunters with Welly socks which I adore btw. If you love in Chicago like i do, with this snow, a worthwhile investment. If you follow my instagram you can see I’ve started packing my lunch and doing some meal preps which means I’m eating healthier and saving $$. 
Also, coming this week: book reviews on Where’d you go, Bernadette, This is Where I’m leaving You, and Dark Places; my restaurant reviews on Gale Street Inn and Blind Faith Cafe, and my spending budget for the month!

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