new years eve, tbt

Wings, Wine, and Mario Kart

 NYE 2007, House Party in Lakeview

NYE 2009, Michigan Ave Party

and my 2014 NYE 

First off, pajama parties are amazing. I wore my pjs and slippers and was comfortable the entire night. Our friends all came in their comfy clothes too and it felt good to just relax. You can obviously tell we’re in our 30’s because slippers were the norm, not 4 inch heels.

All this alcohol and I think we only drank the champagne. The winner of the night was the most definitely coffee. Well that and the wings from Buff Joe’s. I’m really glad we bought the Keurig a few weeks ago because it was in full use. A boost of caffeine and we were all awake and ready to ring in the new year. Or play Mario Kart and watch Justin Timberlake/Jimmy Fallon sketches on youtube. Whatever. Same difference.

The best part about ringing in this New Year was being with friends and the love of my life, in a house that has definitely become a home, my home.

In 2013, I lost 65lbs, landed my dream job, fell in love, turned 30 and had the best year of my life.

2014 whatever you hold, I will embrace it.


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