Keepin Up with Halloween

Halloween was pretty fantastic. 
wig: $24.99
fake eyelashes: $3.99
baby doll: borrowed
everything else already owned
total: $30 
I was Kim Kardashian, a guy at work was Kanye and we borrowed baby North. I was pretty surprised how well it turned out and how I looked as a blonde. My work had a great party during the day and there were adorable trick or treaters at night. This was my first year having trick or treaters in a long time and I loved it. It was great telling them to take as much candy as they wanted, since the weather was bad and we had a ton of candy.  I gave out candy and then went out with a friend, grabbed a steak to cook and had dinner with the boo. After amazing lime marinated steak with garlic, grilled onions, and avacado, we hung out and went to sleep. While I don’t think I’m going honey blonde anytime, I am tempted to keep the false eyelashes once in a while. 
What did you dress up as for Halloween? 

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