about me

Let me introduce myself

Growing up on the North Shore, I learned to love the fancy things in life. Then I went to college, learned what bills were and how to (mostly) pay them. I moved to the sometimes sketchy West Rogers Park area of Chicago and spent the last four years getting my bumper scratched, parking tickets, and the best eyebrow threading in this city. Then I had the best year of my life.

I lost 65lbs and turned 30. I fell in love with my best friend and landed my dream job…of course on the North Shore! I moved to the amazing city of Evanston and bought myself a Landrover LR2. My boyfriend laughed that it was the smallest cheapest Landrover but it’s base model was still nicer then most other top model cheaper cars. He told me I was north shore poor and he was right.
I have first world problems but they’re real to me and I can laugh about the ridiculousness of my life.
I am working on eating paleo, updating our house while keeping all the vintage charm I love, paying my bills, loving my dogs and cat, and laughing everyday.

I am a sassy broad with a love of Chihuahuas, pop culture, old school video games, a bibliophile, a kitchen-aid fanatic, and always thinking of my next tattoo.

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