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Paleo almond crusted salmon

So I love love love Parmesan crusted steak or salmon or lamb. I make it with herb garlic Kerrygold butter and cheese and it’s heavenly. It’s also not the most nutritionally conscious meal.  So when I finally realized I could use almond to create a similar taste I got hooked. Almond makes a delicious addition to… Continue reading Paleo almond crusted salmon

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Back to school, to prove to Daddy I’m not a dog that drools (or something like that)

  It’s that time for back to school which pretty much just means JoeyWaffles schedule switches back to the night shift and I have 80% of the dog responsibilities. Especially with three dogs, a schedule change means finding ways to keep the pups happy and relaxed. PetMatrix has released a few helpful tips and tricks for… Continue reading Back to school, to prove to Daddy I’m not a dog that drools (or something like that)

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Traveling with the pups!

As everyone knows, I am obsessed with my dogs and would pretty much take them everywhere if I could.   This summer we’re trying to get Dante more social since he’s a homebody. He needs to enjoy that outdoor Jeep life and work on his tan. Babs already loves to get out of the house but we’d… Continue reading Traveling with the pups!

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The one where you lose a #squad member

I wrote this about 10 months ago and never posted but came back to it and it still rings true. Not ready to write about losing Bella yet but missing someone has been on my mind… Breaking up is hard to do. Everyone knows that and millions of songs, books, movies, etc are based on… Continue reading The one where you lose a #squad member